Please note of our extensive massage [daily, except Sunday] - Please reserve in advance your massage by email!

Classic massage
Individual massage Partial or whole body treatment 30 minutes € 42,00 | 40 minutes € 56,00 60 minutes € 84,00 Classic massage will further enhance your relaxing stay. Our masseuses treat you as an individual. Rhythm and intensity are adapted to your needs, to ensure optimum relaxation. Your body awareness increases and muscular tensions are released.
Foot reflexology massage
Foot reflexology massage 30 minutes € 45,00 A healthy foot makes a happy person. A targeted massage on the feet promotes blood circulation and dissolve blockages. The pleasant touch supports powers of self-healing and will harmonise your entire body.
Lymphatic part-body massage
Lymphatic part-body massage: 40 minutes € 59,00 Whole body : 60 minutes € 79, - This is a very gentle method for draining water retention in the body. A full-body lymph drainage is especially recommended for detoxification. This results in a strengthening of the immune system and a healthy feeling.
Aromatherapy oil massage
Aromatherapy oil massage: 40 minutes € 56,00 | 60 minutes € 79,00 Essential oils are individually tailored to you and gently massaged into the skin. They act both on the body and on the psyche. Depending on the type of oils used, the massage is relaxing or stimulating.
Combined massage
Combined massage: 40 minutes € 59,00 | 60 minutes € 79,00 you decide: Give yourself a classic massage in conjunction with a reflexology massage. With this you can choose between 40 and 60 minutes. Or choose a combination of classical massage and lymphatic drainage and relax for 60 minutes while our masseuses work their magic.
Spinal deep massage with Johanniskraut oil
Spinal deep massage with St. John's Wort: 50 minutes € 72,00 This is a combination of classic connective tissue and Johannes Salchenegger therapy. With a cupping glass, our masseuses resolve pain, tension and adhesions in the connective tissue. A final laying on of hands gives complete wellbeing.
Dorn Breuss spinal massage
Dorn Breuss spinal massage 60 minutes: € 79,00 The Dorn Method is a gentle spinal and joint treatment. It leads to the improvement of diseases, which are directly or indirectly related to the spine. When vertebrae are tilted, slipped or twisted the Dorn Method is an effective treatment. We use St John’s Wort oil and tissue paper. A special massage, it is named after Austrian Rudolf Breuss and is used to relax the spinal muscles.
La Stone massage
La Stone massage: 60 minutes € 79,00 The contrast of hot and cold stones combined with massage will revitalise your body. The fascinating primal force of marble and basalt stones from Hawaii invigorates the body and enriches the body with new energy.
Herbal Bundle (stamp) massage
Herbal Bundle (stamp) massage: 50 minutes: € 68,00 This method involving the use of steaming with herbal bundles relieves tension and blockages. Poor thought patterns that are stored in the body are resolved. Through special massage, tapping and stroking methods, meridians and acupressure points are specifically processed and revitalized. Alpine herbs: This herbal blend activates microcirculation just beneath the skin and helps combat muscle tension. Old India: The exotic blend of lime, ginger, cinnamon, lemongrass and lavender has a warming effect and improves circulation. Algae: For millennia iodine-salted brown seaweed and salt crystals have been used in healing. They are extremely strong at detoxifying, draining and stirring the metabolism. Moor: Moor helps against rheumatism, muscle spasms, joint wear and tear, inflammation and hormonal balance. The optimum effect is gained from using the Moor-Stamp in combination with a massage.
Natural mudpack with back massage
Natural mudpack with back massage: 50 minutes € 68,00 Mudpack only: 25 minutes € 35,00 An ideal combination for improving the interaction of muscles, tendons and joints. In addition, it improves circulation, balances the autonomic nervous system, and lowers blood pressure; detoxifying and analgesic.

Care for the highest demands

Botox-like Dermo Mask
Botox-like Dermo Mask 40 minutes € 62,00 An absolute must for firmer skin! It achieves an immediate and long-lasting effect and ensures a considerable reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. Dead skin cells are removed and the skin-aging process is slowed, leaving the skin smooth and radiantly fresh. To intensify the effect further, an ampoule of Botox-like Dermo Active Complex is massaged in before applying the mask.
Hyaluronic Acid Facial Mask
Hyaluronic Acid Facial Mask 40 minutes € 56,00 The mask with hyaluronic acid complex preserves the youthful appearance of the skin by reducing lines and wrinkles and providing the skin with long-lasting moisture: The active ingredient acts literally like a sponge on the skin, which soaks it up. The skin will feel tighter. Myrtle extract counteracts the degeneration of the skin and prolongs the life of cells, so the skin feels supple and beautiful.

Aroma Slimming Wrap 45 minutes

Aromatherapy-wrapping method
Each winding 45 minutes: € 59.- With the aromatherapy wrap, methods of fat burning, metabolic processes and lymph flow are all activated, leading to a thorough purification, detoxification and de-acidification of the body. Support your Health Pay attention to a healthy diet! Drink 2-3 litres of tap water each day. Start with a deacidification! Excess acid is one of the main causes of physical discomfort and incipient diseases (allergies, migraines, rheumatism, skin diseases, water retention in the tissues, gout) Move a lot - every day 20 minutes brisk walking is enough to increase the metabolism and vascular system to get them moving again.
Aroma oil wrap
Aroma wrap: The aroma wrap is a highly effective, thermo-active slimming treatment for cellulite and weight reduction.
Rock oil wrap
Rock oil wrap: mineral oil is ideal for bruising, vein problems and a tendency to swelling. First cooling, then warming it has a purifying, detoxifying and deacidifying.
Tonning wrap
Toning wrap: This winding alleviates mild abdominal wrinkles and tightens flabby tissues on the inside of the thighs and in the knee area.