In 1857, Johann and Maria Riegler bought a small farmhouse on the northern edge of the spa-town of Bad Gleicheberg. After rebuilding, it was called "Marienburg" after Frau Riegler. Sadly the house was completely destroyed after a fire in 1860.

Mr Riegler rebuilt the house from scratch, making it much bigger - with 35 rooms - adding stables and a large barn to store the luggage and carriages of guests visiting the spa.

In 1961, Karl Edler and his wife Gisela Edler von Stenitzer bought the Marienburg, which had become rather dilapidated after two world wars.

After extensive renovations, the hotel was reopened with great fanfare on 19 January 1967. The newly-built atrium became the splendid centrepiece of the house, showcasing the mixture of tradition and modern design that the Edler-Stenitzers had sought. In 2005, the hotel was further enriched when a swimming pool and spa area was added. Today Michael and Christoph Stenitzer are proud to be the third generation of hoteliers.